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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 21, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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on your side. one of america's longest wars is coming to an end. president announced the just about all american troops will the end of theby year. >> the statement put an end to ofths of negotiations whether the u.s. would leave small force to train iraqi soldiers. negotiations, it all about what kind of presence that u.s. could still iraq after the deadline. there was always some expectation that it would be altered. not happen. today, on a conference call, that the obama agreed to leave has come. >> today, i consider troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. >> a triumphant announcement a president of filling a
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promise.paign to end a costly and controversial war. the decision was partially .rockies -- iraqis >> there is a greater risk of renewed violence. >> many worried it will erase made.ogress mittdential candidate president obama is failure to secure transition has unnecessarily put at risk a victory that rwanda the blood and sacrifice of thousands. bloodere want through the and sacrifice of thousands. the cost was over $700 billion almost 4500. of while this fight might be of a different kind only heating up. >> the greatest challenge that nation creating
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jobs in this and country. decade of war, the to rebuild.need >> the president making a not so subtle push for his jobs bill. it faces an uphill battle. there will be around four or contractors to iraq. in security toovide and othery consulates. >> more details on our top story. by december begun 31. had an announcement impact.e an army infantry division in georgia has announced that it not be deployed into iraq as planned. estimated that a million iraqcans have served in since the war began. for more coverage on the end of iraq, stay tuned for
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the world news. an arlington man is in after an fbi raid. agents tookozen part. house in theed a of north 17th street to conduct the search. >> just hours after they arlington home, announced the arrest of arlington resident. facingyear-old is now gun charges in connection with incident last week were buried alongfound interstate 66. >> i was astonished. >> as part of the investigation, of fbi agents searched this home. authorities scoured the grounds outside.
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an fbi spokesperson says they were called in. according to neighbors, and agents appeared to be focused on the basement apartment. >> there were a whole bunch of guys with machine guns. >> they came out with a few bags and a cardboard box. weeke weapons on last reportedly include a military machine gun. charged with of a firearm by a convicted felon. neighbors say it is all a bit alarming. >> there is no such thing is kind of neighborhood anymore. bond is being held without arlington county detention center.
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>> a trial date has been said in with the murder of former redskins safety. four men will face a miami judge. all facingre penalty for taking botched, invasion. a fit suspect made a plea with prosecutors. -- a fifth suspect in a plea with prosecutors. we're following the story from montgomery county. a jury exonerate did susan of nine counts of assault. in february, several first graders came forward accusing of punching, kicking, and choking them. taught at green castle elementary school. retailers are being warned be aware of the growing flash mobs.
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they involve large numbers of people, usually teenagers, who store, graba merchandise, and run out. they are often organized using social media. as the bizarre aftermath how gaddafis asked was killed. >> cell phones and cancer, are they linked? >> judgment day, the california preacher who said the rapture happening has now adjusted his prediction. >> a spectacular weekend ahead. we will have the details.
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we're following a breaking from fairfax county. people have just been arrested after a trench collapsed on conrad road. -- rescued after a trench collapsed on conrad road. >> let me show you the scene. a lot of emergency personnel
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here at the scene. about 4:45, two people were for a water orh sewer line when it began collapsing. two other people tried to jump in and help them. they were just stuck in there. personnel arrived and digging them out. this elicited people in the neighborhood to get buckets. is wet. if you went in there with shovels, it would be a tough getting an added there. the men were retrieved. both men pulled out of there. one has been airlifted. both are at fairfax hospital. day after the death of
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gaddafi, there are questions about the way he was killed. he fired thes fatal shot. >> we are live with the latest the investigation. >> gaddafi was beaten and shot the head, chest, and stomach. whether he was caught in the or shot close range execution-style is still very much in dispute. the final violent moments, seen begging for his life. there are conflicting accounts how the 69-year-old former dictator actually died. most agree that he had multiple gunshot wounds. in the moments after his
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capture, he appears very much alive. was put into an ambulance was caught in the crossfire. >> they shot him in the side of head. he was dead. i cannot tell you whether it was from far or near. >> others suggest it was intentional. gaddafi was executed after his capture. this man fired the fatal shot. be a crime. >> under international law, you were not supposed to execute him. he is supposed to be brought before an international court. >> his body and allies on the of a commercial freezer. >> the human rights commission international are for investigation. the national transitional says 0 where gaddafi is secret tol be kept noe sure there is
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pilgrimages' help or shrine built. of the mostlled one comprehensive studies on cell cancer ever conducted. we have the details. >> clear skies this weekend? we have your complete forecast. >> the capitals are on a roll. [ female announcer ] can a health insurance company
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the nation's largest is making some changes employee health coverage. there will no longer offer insurance to part-time employees. policy? extra amount of money period if they want health insurance. there is a new study disputing claims linking it sells bonds to cancer. researchers found no link between the two. they followed more than 360,000
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people over 10 years. a california radio minister claims judgment day is today. thisis the same minister party world wide frenzy when he predicted the rapture would take place this past may. he claimed 200 million christians would descend to have been -- ascend to heaven. he claimed he made a mathematical error and said be the end of the world. attempts to reach him have not been successful. 800-heaven. let's get you started. let's look at chesapeake beach.
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as we get through the evening, it will clear out across the evening. our- 62 and 47, that is high and low today. we have already dropped into the 50's. are seeing the sun go down. with clearing skies, we will see numbers dropped more quickly. high pressure will take over tomorrow. going to be so nice. we are talking mostly sunny skies. early next week, we will turn winds to the southeast -- southwest. waking up early on a saturday
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morning, 38 to 46 degrees. for the day tomorrow, we will enjoy mostly sunny conditions. 60 to 65 degrees for the high temperature. if you go out to look at the color, you picked weekend for it. around here, it depends on your location. sunshine and a lot of it. a cold front approaches on thursday with a chance of scattered showers. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. football weather for a
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new starting quarterback. >> a lot of controversy at the week.his more you can say about that. up, johnback shake starting a sunday. rex grossman's 11 turnovers and five games, not good. beck is much more mobile. help.ill regardless, the redskins say the tv -- key to a winning team is keeping it simple. game will just play our and do what we do. hopefully get some turnovers. hopefully we can make some big plays. >> despite all of the off season headlines, the dream team = and
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, there is not much to show for it. the caps gave the flyers a last night. they won 5 to 2. they are now on a six-game winning streak. they will face the red wings tomorrow night at home. the last 16 years, they have been the best team. we feel it is a huge test. measuring stick. --it may be time for their night, the texas rangers were doing the rallying to give the world series some early excitement the key to this game was just a good fundamental
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baseball. that is incredible. playing it through and injured groin. the series is now tied up at 1. let's check out this a thriller. they fumbled. fernandez smith would pick it up. 14 to 13. that sure what has to do is point, and it is no good. hey hold on to beat sherwood, an emotional game. it all kicks off at 11:30 with
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of games all over the area. see you then.
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in michigan restaurant made this massive 350-pound hamburger. it took chefs 20 hours to make it.
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it packs a 540,000 calories. yuck. >> ridiculous is the right word. >> a lot of sunshine over the weekend. a bit more on monday and tuesday. -- a bit warmer on monday and tuesday. fors looking pretty good the temperatures for the next several days. if you are not able to check the weather, just go to all kinds of stuff. we will answer all of your whether questions. -- weather questions. will see you at 11:00. have a good night. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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